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Another Week Ahead
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I just came in from dumping about two weeks' worth of newspapers into the turtle pond. I also pulled a few weeds while I was out there, and then pulled some more in the driveway.

It looks quite threatening (rainwise) so I figure that's it for today.

I was thinking about going in to work tomorrow, but I really want to (feel I should) keep at the yard work. And it should be slightly cooler tomorrow, since showers are a possibility/probability this evening.

I have an appointment on Tuesday, so it looks like this week will be Wed/Thu or Wed/Fri workwise. The archivist will be back from vacation so I should be able to get the file numbers I need for completing the current collection. And it would be nice to have that completed by the time I take off.

When I stopped at Walgreen's on the way home from church I spotted "OPEN NOW" signs on what used to be PJ's. It's now a yogurt/sandwich/coffee bar, and I think tomorrow I shall check it out. It's a lot closer than Arby's for a light meal, and will be something different.

There should be good sleeping tonight, especially if it rains enough to cool it off a bit.

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