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Why am I Tired?
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Isn't Saturday supposed to be a relaxing day?

This morning I really tore into the bathroom, getting it cleaned up very thoroughly. When you're the only one (human) using it, it's easy to let things stack up. And much more convenient if it's something used relatively frequently to just not bother putting it away.

In the early afternoon I decided it was time for OPAC and rationalized it by "needing" to continue reading about pf (prehistoric fiction) and its depictions and speculations about gender roles and hierarchies.

So--I rented PJ's AC for the cost of an iced coffee and a scone.

And then headed to WalMart for the more or less weekly shopping. Even though it's Saturday I lucked out with a close parking spot (they've got plenty of handicapped spots available) AND in getting a motorized cart.

When I finished shopping the greeter called one of the cart guys over to follow me to my car and bring back the cart for a gentleman waiting for one. Usually I transfer my stuff to a regular cart for that short trip, but whatever.

I now have a cat almost asleep on my computer card table. She's using the modem for a pillow. I have to watch out for that tail though--it's a disaster when it whaps esc.

But it is also encouraging to discover that I am not the only person with a cat who wants to stay very close.

This morning I gave the bathroom a very thorough cleaning. That should mean it will need only a lick and a promise for the next couple of weeks--unless the cat decides she'd rather use the sand indoors than the dirt outdoors and tosses litter all over the place.

This evening Stripe was waiting when I put CC's food out, and a little later I heard a thud--it was Spot in the house, on the counter, cleaning up CC's scraps. I put the cat kibble (mainly for the possum) out early so that the visiting felines would (likely) stay on the porch. I still have to put out the raccoon food.

I'm hoping that there's some rain to cool things down a bit so that I'll feel more inclined to do yard work tomorrow afternoon.

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