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Damn!!! cat just erased two paragraphs with her tail.


When I stopped to fill up my gas tank before heading across the Lake, I discovered that the gas station had their phone out. Translation: when I swiped my credit card it told me to go into the office. The woman staffing the place wasn't waiting inside, but came right on out. (She may have noticed the cane.) Anyway, she explained about the phone lines, and said she could do a printed charge, but I figured it would be a lot faster to buy just $20 worth of gas and pay cash.

So I got about 3/4 of a tank of gas.

After that, the drive in was totally unremarkable. No idiots of either the super-slow in the left lane (not many of those at morning commuting hours) or the tail-gaters that want you to exceed the speed limit by about twice what you are already doing.

I was parked at Tulane by 6:45.

And I got a lot of work done today.

The trip home was easy also--till I was about halfway across 5-mile bridge (the old one I always use) and spotted the red lights at the draw span.

There had to have been some problem, but it wasn't with the draw span itself (it sometimes gets stuck). It wasn't that long of a slowdown--a guy at the drawspan hump was directing traffic around some kind of problem. The different directions took turns, and it worked out fine.

Weather feels pleasant--should be good sleeping tonight.

And there is definitely a path being made in the green stuff in the yard by my masked friends.

I need to work on the house and yard this weekend. At the very least, I need to evict the dust bunnies. If we're lucky, we'll have some cooling afternoon showers. If we're lucky.

And--Sr. Joan has another very thoughtful essay about feminism.

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