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The trip is taking shape.

Last night I bought the ticket from Calif. to here for my travelling companion.

I though I'd messed up and gotten it for our departure day, but I didn't. That wouldn't have been the end of the world, because there would have been three hours between her arrival and our departure. And then I realized that I wouldn't have to shovel out the house.

But all is as originally planned.

My cat sitter called and said her cat cottage has been rebuilt, and she has a new barn cat that might want to play with CC. She's also going to come here to feed the assorted critters. And she doesn't look at that as totally crazy.

Spot was here first for the wet food leftovers, and I almost got to pet him. He was looking a bit nervous, so I backed off. I'll be sure to tell Janice that if she does happen to lure Spot and/or Stripe into a carrier, she can take them to the shelter vet for you-know-what--and I don't mean just vaccinations and micro-chipping.

This afternoon I noticed that there is a discernible path across my side yard. I'll bet that raccoon feet made that path. I don't think they live too far away--it takes only a few minutes from when I toss out the dog biscuits (with a bunch going into an old ice chest--lots of noise) and I can hear them eating.

Well, I plan on going in to work tomorrow and I've barely read the paper. Can't stay up too late if I want to beat the early traffic and get a fabulous parking spot.

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