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Another IUD
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In the morning I continued my assault on weeds in what passes for a lawn. I am making progress and it's even visible. Darn--that makes it worth continuing.

The arrival of some rain coincided with the nadir of my energy. I snuck in a short nap, then had an extended phone call.

By that time, I was ready for something resembling supper, so I headed to Counter Culture again. Tried another one of their sandwiches and read some more in the Saylor book.

I plan on going in to work tomorrow, so I can't stay up too late if I expect to wake up early tomorrow.

I may do the McDonald's breakfast thing again tomorrow. The Egg McMuffin does not drip anything but crumbs and the coffee is not bad. And it is quite satisfying, appetite-wise. The early morning (6 AM opening) cashier looks about the same age as I am. She's started to recognize me--either than or my car.

Did I mention that this has (so far) been an IUD?

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