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Every once in a while a word from when I could speak some German comes to mind. I think Mid-week is quite an appropriate term for today.

And it was in to work.

It was really quite dead at the library. The librarian is on vacation, and I don't think anyone taking summer classes had the least bit of interest in the library. I haven't seen students in there for quite a while.

Except for today, when a couple of young women wanted to use the computers. Fortunately, I know the password so I could help them there.

The archivist was back from vacation and gave me the file numbers I needed. I went hunting in the deep recesses of the storage area and found a Box for the books.

There are Boxes, Cartons, and Flat boxes, archivally speaking. Most materials are stored in Cartons. I've used the other containers a few times, but I have to really hunt for empties.

In the early afternoon it became quite dark outside. I quickly checked the weather radar, and saw some Significant Clouds coming in from the west. I decided that I wanted to take no chances and drive home BEFORE the clouds started dumping on me and the rest of the traffic.

I made it home nice and dry. I don't know what happened to the clouds, but I don't really care.

Because I was home early I went out to WalMart to fill up my gas tank and pick up a few things I had forgotten/figured I'd need, etc. This time I found the little travelling reading lights. I now have a couple for the trip. I think they'll be better than trying to cope with the overhead light if I/we don't feel like sleeping. I bought a couple--they were quite cheap.

While at WalMart I ran into people I knew. (What else is new?) There were two or three women together that I knew from swimming. One had learned to swim as a kid and another as an adult. Plus--I had gotten her mama to swim also.

No--I'm clueless on names. And people who were kids when I knew them have changed just a bit as they've grown up.

My ladies' classes were fun. Teaching adults is a lot different from teaching kids--adults usually have long-term "concerns" that have to be overcome.

I had an absolute "no visitors" rules during adult classes. And there was not a last day "show and tell" like with the kids.

So--unless the weather is really nasty in the AM I plan to go in to work again tomorrow. My goal is to have the rough drafts of all the inventories done maybe by the end of the week so I can do the typing at home and e-mail the stuff to the archivist.

On the home front there's yard work and shovelling out the house.

And I guess I should give some thought to what I'm taking with me so I can be sure it's clean.

Well, I've got the second half of the week left, plus most of next week.

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