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Once again, the approach of rain hastened my departure from New Orleans.

The Women's Center was the site for some kind of a Jewish Women and Philanthropy conference. One minor little "problem:" one woman was not able to get to the meeting upstairs. Why? She uses a walker. And this building at Tulane is NOT in any way, shape, or form handicapped accessible.

The only elevator is a rickety freight elevator deep in the building. And you'd better hope you (if you're a woman) can use a low commode--there's nothing that would be suitable for someone with a restricted "bend" at the hips.

Tulane University should be ashamed of itself.

Back to my day . . .

I'm getting all the files into acid-free folders and labelling them with their file numbers. I'd like to get that done before my trip, but I also need to give thought to things like clothes etc. that need packing. And getting euros and travellers' checks. Etc., etc., and so forth. (From what musical does that line come?)

So, about lunchtime it began to darken up, and then started raining. I checked the weather radar, and immediately started getting my stuff together. Yesterday I was ahead of the rain. Not today. I hauled the umbrella from my backpack and headed (carefully) to my car. I made it inside just before the rain really got going.

The major street I travel (S. Claiborne) had no electricity for about half the distance to the interstate. But people were generally cooperative and there were no traffic tie-ups. By the time I was on the other side of the city the rain was letting up nicely.

All went well till I got off the interstate to head for the old bridge. I wondered why a car headed west turned back onto the interstate in an easterly direction.

Maybe it was because there was a highway department truck blocking off the old bridge?

At least it was not a peak traffic time, so I got to drive on the brand new multimillion dollar I-10 bridge. It is gorgeous--actually about 5 lanes wide--three for traffic and then shoulder lanes on each side. The spendthrift uncle seems to have planned this nicely.

So much for the day. It didn't rain much at all on my side of the lake.

My big "problem" is whether I'll go in to work tomorrow to get to a better "stopping point" in my current project.

The alternative is household "tidying."

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