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Saturday, I think
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And it started just like yesterday--with me weeding away at the "lawn" in the front side yard.

The good news is that the burn ban has been lifted, so tomorrow (if it isn't raining) I'll be burning the accumulated weed debris.

And then weeding some more.

The whole problem is that it looks SO much better where I've weeded--which is a good reason to keep going and not just cop out with the weed whacker to cut the stuff down to size. This morning's "battle" included trying to trim the little dead twigs out of the wild cherry bush/tree.

This afternoon I let myself have a bit of a sinking spell, then headed to PJ's to read and cool down.

And thence to WalMart, where I hoped to find a child-size toy rake. One of those would make it easier to get the dead leaves etc. out from under the bushes/treelets.

Couldn't find any, but I had other things I needed also.

My tentative plan for tomorrow is to continue with the weeding, starting in the morning and continuing till it gets too hot.

The current weather radar suggests that there will be rain again tonight, which will help keep the current somewhat cooler temperatures from hitting the upper 90s.

I cannot believe that a week from today I will be somewhere between New Orleans and Munich. Arrrgh!! So much to do!!

I shall definitely rest up on the Danube cruise.

I'll need to after getting the house and yard more or less fit for company!

Stripe was waiting for me this afternoon. I haven't seen him for several days--it's been Spot who shows up.

Spot comes all the way into the house. I've seen him, and there is clear evidence that he's been in here when there are NO scraps left in CC's food dish--or on dishes that happen to be in the sink.

Current reading: still working on the Stephen Saylor mystery.

Need to make a list of what books I'll be taking with me.

So tomorrow it will be "keep on weeding!"

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