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Busy Day
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I am approaching panic mode as I look at the house, and then at the calendar, and see my house guest's arrival time getting closer and closer.

Didn't get any yard work done today, but did get a bunch of stuff done around the house that needed doing.

And then I rewarded myself with supper at Arby's, where I continued reading the Saylor book.

The weather map looks encouraging, from a cooling point of view--we may get some rain later this evening.

Earlier this afternoon Spot was about to come in through the window that opens from the porch to the living room. Then he saw me, hesitated, and finally decided he didn't really want to come in. The soft-hearted one then got the dish of (stale) dry food from the hall (undoubtedly Spot's goal) and put it out on the porch.

I haven't checked , but I'm sure it's gone.

Stripe came by just in time for the other half can of wet food.

(Well, a whole can is too much for CC, and if I refrigerate it she won't eat the other half the next day. And the two-serving can costs 22 cents, while a one-serving can costs 29 cents. Go figure.)

Shortly after I got home I had a text message--from my travelling companion.

Upshot was we gabbed essentially non-stop.

This is going to be a fun trip.

She arrives in New Orleans Friday morning, and we leave the next day.

Tomorrow I MUST get the house cleaner. The yard is looking almost presentable, however.

That gives me two days.

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