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Today, So Far
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It's 1330 CDT and I have yet to get very far at all on the to-do list.

I forgot the pet-sitter was coming by to get the info on critter feeding.

CC hid, of course, but I have two days to catch her and take her there.

I've known the pet-sitter for more than 25 years, so we had a lot to catch up on. She has a large wooded property that lost a LOT of trees in Katrina--so many that FEMA actually did some of the removal--for free.

If you haven't had tree work done, you don't know how expensive that can be. I'd had enough done over the years before Katrina that I knew what was a reasonable price, and the guys from Cincinnati quoted a reasonable price. (You don't want to know, but three of the trees had to come down via crane, and I don't think any of the others were located so they could just be dropped.)

So--she was really happy to let FEMA do their thing.

We talked about the possums and the raccoons, and Spot and Stripe. I told her she was welcome to have them (the cats) de-nutted at the shelter if she caught them, and I'd foot the bill.

And she might as well take CC there to get the shots she's behind on.

She admired my "turtle pond."

But most of the morning was gone.

It was a very nice morning, but the dust bunnies continue to proliferate.

And now it's afternoon and getting a bit too warm for heavy physical activity.

I checked out the "guest" bedroom the other day, and it's in good shape. I need to move a couple of things out of there--like the ironing board--and check that there's bedding.

It's a good thing the flight to Europe has only one stop (and change)--Atlanta. That will give plenty of time for more or less uninterrupted sleep. And the time differential is seven hours (I think) so we'll be able to repeat the better part of a night's sleep once we are on the ship.

And I have not yet begun to even think about what I'm taking clothes-wise, other than underwear. The last time I opened my "regular" suitcase was two years ago when I got back from Rochester.

I don't think I'll get any more done in the yard today--I just checked the weather radar and it looks like rain is approaching. I am absolutely devasted--my favorite activity is sweating like a horse.

I'm still reading the Saylor book, but am checking the number of pages till the end. His plot continues to get more convoluted with every page. This book is (or seems) significantly longer than his previous ones and, on the whole, I'm a bit disappointed in it. Maybe I can finish it this evening.

And CC has reappeared and is "supervising" my writing. Fortunately, her tail is well out of the range of the ESC key and she seems to be content with getting her head scritched every sentence or two. Of course, head scritching by a human calls for careful rearrangement of the fur--and that now includes grooming of the rear toenails. At this rate she'll soon be in full bath mode.

Must return to the dust bunny hunt.

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