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Today--Part 2
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My afternoon was lovely and relaxing. I had a pedicure. It wasn't particularly busy and this time one of the men did the honors. Very thorough job. The whole process is extremely relaxing. There was a big guy also having his feet tended to. (He, however, passed on the polish.)

When I was finished there I got myself a cart and picked up some groceries--primarily animal food, although Janice will pick up more if needed and just add it to my bill.

Stripe came for supper this evening. I put the half can of food on the porch, he looked at me from outside the screen, and as I headed back to the kitchen he came back inside the screened area, looked at me nervously--raising his lip in a silent snarl--then started eating.

I usually put out the food for the critters when it's almost dark--after I finish with the computer.

I am almost done with the Saylor book! I have just about lost interest in the excessively convoluted plot, but I am so close to the end I might as well finish it.

And with the trip coming up, not only will I need books for the times I may stay on the ship and pass on the walking around tours, but probably also for the plane, in case my travelling companion wants to sleep and I don't.

On the local front, more than 30,000 Lutheran youth are in the city for some kind of a conference AND doing construction-type volunteer work. A similar thing happens over Spring Break. It is really great, and many of the young people return each year.

I guess tomorrow I'll try to chase down the dust bunnies.

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