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Busy Day
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I can't think of all that much that got done, but it sure felt like a busy day. Probably because I've got so much on my mind.

I still haven't attacked the dust bunnies everywhere, but at the moment I'm cooling down the "guest" room so I can tidy up there.

I sorted stuff out in my travelling wallets(s) and I think that's in order. Well, I don't need to get hyper about that stuff since we're not leaving till Saturday.

Tomorrow I drive over to the airport (~50 miles) early in the AM. Then somewhere between 3 and 5 PM we'll capture CC and take her to the cat hotel.

Luckily, our plane doesn't leave till about 11 AM (on Saturday.) We'll bounce to Atlanta, then straight through to Munich.

CC is being very cuddly and clingy--she probably senses that something is happening.

Oh--this afternoon Spot came up to me and accepted head scritching! I hope Janice can catch him. Of course, if we're successful he'll probably never trust a human again!

Enough dithering--I really need to get the "guest" room into halfway decent shape.

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