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I arrived home (a day or so ago) really tired, and brought only my small bag into the house.

Today I brought in the big one.

And I even emptied the two outer pockets! These had some dirty underwear and other equally exciting things in them.

Tomorrow I have FINISH UNPACKING at the top of my ToDo list.

It's easy to find other things to do, and the pulled muscle that still bothers me is a good excuse for procrastination.

On the other hand, I did a fair-sized batch of laundry, which means I have enough clean dainty little underthings to last about a week. Tomorrow I'll do a dark load.

My pet sitter called this afternoon and we had a nice long conversation. Reason for the call was that I had made out the check to her former business name, like it was on her "Pet Report Card." She closed off that account and so the check needs to be re-written to her.

We talked about the various critters and she said she hadn't seen any signs of a rat around the house, but that didn't mean someone else had. I haven't seen any signs of a rodent.

My Calico Cutie (CC) seems VERY happy to have me back home. The first night I was back she curled up high on my chest for most of the night. (Fortunately it was a relatively cool night.) And she wants to be near me, especially when I'm on the computer.

Stripe came for dinner this evening, and as usual he curled his lips at me in what he probably meant to be a snarl--except how can one snarl at the Giver of Food?

I called my friend in Mobile this morning. We both agreed that we wouldn't be able to have our more-or-less-annual Gulf States Women's History Conference this summer, but we still covered a lot of ground. Her university cut pay by 7% (I think). And, she encouraged me to send off CVs to places I've taught at. Adjunct faculty tends to increase during financial hard times.

About one or two days more and I think my internal clock will have completted its adjustment back to "normal" time.

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