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Albino Raccoon?
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I heard critter noises this afternoon, looked out, and saw some young raccoons. Except that they ranged in color from almost blond to brownish. And then a larger one appeared that was almost a golden color. I figure that was mama.

It was also broad daylight--and the raccoons don't usually arrive till it's almost dark.

I tossed out a bunch of dog biscuits and they really went for them.

I just googled blond/albino raccoons and discovered that they do exist.

Maybe they go to scavenge food in the daytime because their much lighter colored fur is more visible at night?

Maybe I'll call the zoo for more information.

And on the subject of calling--this afternoon I called the parish (county) office to complain about the mowers who had managed to remove every bit of shoulder on my road. They have no stripes at the edge, so I figure it's just a matter of time till a car ditches itself. The road itself is not wide enough to merit a center stripe, except for the last (or first, depending on your perspective) block, which has school traffic on it. I think I'll give them one day to at least look at it before I turn to other means--such as newspaper and/or TV.

(Never mess with old ladies.)

Well, at least today wasn't incredibly unremarkable. That vacation did me good!

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