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Yet Another Day
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Not that I am complaining--just commenting.

I did this and that, and late in the morning (after 11 AM) headed out for the Blood Center. They needed a bit of my blood for a CBC before my next platelet donation.

They took the sample, and then I about cracked up at the bandaid: it said GIVE. Probably free--blood centers rely a lot on donations--and not just of blood, but other supplies and "bonuses." This month one of the freebies is a Saints t-shirt, which I definitely want.

I stopped for lunch at the place that used to house PJ's. They have nice healthy sandwiches etc. I haven't tried the yogurt yet, but give me time. The chips they have are all baked--not fried.

Shortly after I got home there was a knock at the door--it was my son-in-law the doctor. (He's married to my daughter the doctor.) Daughter and grandson are going to the Saints game this Friday evening and he was sent to pick up the tickets.

Once again the season is sold out, which means that home games get televised.

This evening, when I was putting the rest of the can of cat food on the porch, Spot came in and came over for some behind-the-ears scritching. He is gradually becoming comfortable with me. And CC doesn't seem particularly put out when he gets attention.

It rained some today, so with one thing and another I didn't do anything about the non-shoulder. It's at the top of my "list" for tomorrow, however.

On a totally different topic: those who are claiming Obama was not "born in the United States" because he was born in Hawaii before it became a state might remember that George Washington and quite a few of his successors were not born in the United States either. That country did not exist till around 1776 or so. Hawaii was part of the United States--as a territory, subject to U. S. laws.

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