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Except there was no sign of the golden raccoon.

And, for some reason I decided to call a friend dating back to Wyoming days (1960-62). We probably chatted for about an hour, and in many ways it was almost like when I was pregnant with OD and she had two little boys already. I'd settle on her couch while she prepared dinner for her family. I think my husband worked nuttier hours than hers.

And then there was some kind of incident in the Cold War (remember, this was 1960-61) and we both kept telling ourselves that our husbands had already served (mine had been in Korea) AND they were now parents. Their draft classifications were somewhere after women and children, but we were still somewhat concerned.

That was also when building bomb shelters was a fairly active business.

When we were getting ready to move to Abilene Texas in 1962 several of the trailer parks advertised that they had tornado/bomb shelters.

And it was when we were in Abilene that the Soviets sent some missiles to Cuba. And we bought a rifle.

Today, however, was an ordinary day. After lunch I went to WalMart for some more fluorescent paint (and other stuff.) The can I had wouldn't work--maybe because it's really old.

So tomorrow I'll sweep by my mailbox, then paint an edge-of-the road line--as much for me when I reach for the mail as for cars.

On my way back from WalMart I flicked my lights to let a cop car know I'd let him in the traffic line. Much to my surprise he flicked his roof light in thanks.

My hip is bothering me a bit this evening--probably there's a weather change coming. However, the muscle that I pulled somewhat on vacation seems healed.

Getting old is not for sissies.

School has started here. When (and where) I was a kid it didn't start till the Wednesday of Labor Day week. It ended the third week of June.

The other day I was killing time on the computer and decided to google my journal title. Much to my surprise there were about a dozen entries that cited it.

Something else to do when you're bored or trying to avoid doing something that should be done.

Time to rub some more DMSO on the hip. The neat part of that activity is that the hand that rubs it on also gets the benefit of the DMSO.

At one point I told my orthopedist that I'd started using it (DMSO) and he asked me where I'd gotten it.

What's your guess? Right--on the internet. Duhh.

*(really exciting day)

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