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Yard Work
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Yard work--I did some today. I worked on what passes for a lawn, pulling out weedy things instead of just mowing them lower.

Little by little.

Of course, working outside called for a long shower, which included hair washing. So I am now squeaky clean, including the hair, which will probably be dry by the time I hit the hay. And I shall no doubt sleep quite soundly.

Tomorrow will be a back to work day. Later in the week I have a couple of appointments. I need to check on when and where. I know one of them is with my estate lawyer--in New Orleans.

I still have all sorts of stuff that needs doing, but the vacation has renewed my energy.

I didn't see the latest raccoon family yesterday, but this evening one of the kits was looking at me pleadingly. So I tossed out a bunch of dog biscuits. Mama may be trying to get rid of the family, even though I noticed she still has very prominent nipples. In my copious free time I shall read up on raccoons and family life.

Today was actually rather pleasant--I don't think it got above the 80s. There was a fair amount of cloud cover, but so far, at least, the clouds haven't "leaked."

And we have a tropical system in the Gulf to track. Maybe two. I'll have to check my hurricane links. My Intellicast link is being difficult--takes forever to load.

So much for another Incredibly Unremarkable Day.

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