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I was just about done with an entry, when the cat hit the esc key with her tail.

So what was I talking about?

The seven big long truck vans parked across from the Center on the Tulane Campus. They're even "linked" together so the workers can go easily from one to another.

What are they filled with? According to the librarian, it's furnishings for the students' rooms, plus personal possessions. There are definite limits on what you can bring with you on a plane. I need to check the calendar to see when the kids (and their parents in some cases) will begin arriving.

It was a productive day at work--I picked up where I'd left off, and what I was doing made sense to me.

It rained relatively lightly for a large part of the day, but I managed to leave when it wasn't raining on my route.

And even though there was some rain in Slidell, it ended about a block from my house.

And that's it for today--the attack tail is thrashing around again.

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