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Another Day in New Orleans
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Actually, it wasn't the whole day--just the better part of the afternoon. I had to sign some more stuff with the updated will etc.

I had a treat--YGD had a nosebleed, and had to go home from school. That meant the she was along on the drive. She seemed to think going round and round and round and round in the parking garage fun--both up and down. I think we ended up on the 14th level, so there was plenty of round and round.

She is growing like a weed!!

When I got home this afternoon I had a moment (or two) of panic--my cell phone wasn't in my pants pocket like it was supposed to be. I checked the bathroom, where I'd put on the slacks, and looked here and there. I was getting ready to e-mail YD to check the car when I looked once more by where I sit.

It was there, in its little plastic baggy (rain protection).

Thank goodness! Losing that would mean losing a whole lot of phone numbers!

I think I'm done with the New Orleans trips for a while--not counting academically related ones.

Tomorrow is Friday and I plan on going in to work--unless it's seriously raining or threatening to.

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