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It's summer, it's the Soggy South, so afternoon showers are almost a given.

And as they got closer I decided it was time to head for home.

I decided that a bit too late. It was raining pretty hard when I wanted to get to my car.

Because of the showers prediction, I parked on the other side of the street. It's higher--a very important consideration on the Tulane campus. However, I waited just a tiny bit too long to leave. A guy had come into the library looking for plastic bags for his books. I don't know if there are any, and of course I forgot about my box of trash bags at my carrel.

However, I DID remember that the Ladies' room has a box of the ones used for the big wastebarrels. I went in there and brought out the box, and the guy was impressed, as was his friend.

And then the rain increased in intensity. I have no problems wading through the ankle-deep water by the curb, but I am always concerned about the cane slipping.

Guy and a friend of his wanted to be helpful, so I asked if they'd just stay sort of near as I crossed to my car.

Did I mention it was raining? Yes, I had an umbrella with me (I always do) but it was a rather small one.

I made it across without incident and thanked the guys.

And then headed on home.

When I come off the campus I'm on one of the ritziest streets in New Orleans. And it has really lousy drainage. Most of the drive down the street was in water well above the ankles. (I saw a couple of people wading.)

Luck was with me, and I still had functioning brakes as I turned off that street and headed home.

Luck was still with me--there was an accident that backed up traffic for at least a mile--but it was going in the other direction.

The rest of the drive home was slower than usual, courtesy of the "enthusiastic" rain, but by the time I was across the lake I was out of the rain area.

Just another summer afternoon in the Big Easy.

Other than the rainy drive, another IUD.

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