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Busy Day Again
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But the "decks are clear" for doing yard work tomorrow afternoon.

Today I tended to minor household stuff, then made the trip to WalMart to restock my larder and that of the four-legged diners.

As I was leaving the WalMart store, I spotted a car coming towards me with a handicapped tag. I waved him down, and told him to go around again and stop at the yellow car for a (handicapped) parking spot.

Our respective timing was just about perfect.

Feeding the cats was interesting. Spot got quite vocal about wanting wet food. Stripe also wanted wet food. I ended up putting CC's down in the hall and used the porch for the other two. At least Spot sometimes lets me pet him.

The Saints are playing in Texas this evening, so I'm not going to spend much time on the computer.

CCwants to be close when I'm at the computer. She has (finally) abandoned the position from which her tail could whap the ESC button and erase all sorts of stuff. But she wants part of my arm to be touching her most of the time.

She probably figures that she has to be extra loving so that I will regard her as Number One Cat in the household. If I ever catch those two boys she'll have her ultimate "revenge." She was a shelter kitty so reproductive organs got removed when she was quite young.

Today was almost cool, thanks to rain yesterday. Wonder how long that will last.

Time to get bback to the game. hink I'll pay bills at half time.

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