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Another IUD. I puttered around the house this morning, doing a bit of this and a bit of that. About mid-afternoon I headed for WalMart for a few things. Animal food, of course, but also another lawn chair and a few other things.

It was BUSY. I had to wait a bit to get a rolling basket to get my stuff to the car. (They don't like the "scooters" taken out of the store.) As I was headed for the car another car came up the "street" and I waved it down. The guy had a handicapped tag and I told him that if he went around I'd be backing out my yellow car and he'd have a spot. It worked beautifully.

The Saints have an away game tonight, which I plan to watch. Got to get up to date on all the info about the various players before the next home game.

So, my evening is planned out. Tomorrow will be church and yard work. I haven't decided whether to go in to work Monday or not. A lot will depend on the weataher.

Back to football-watching.

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