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What's amazing about it? It's August, and I don't think I've sweat at all today. Or even felt excessively warm.

Obviously, we're under the influence of a high pressure system. That's a good situation during hurricane season, altho at the moment there are none in, or headed for, the Gulf.

By the time I got back from church (and post-church socializing) I was ready for a nap. That sort of blew the afternoon, but I am resolving to get going early tomorrow with yard work. (And putting out the trash.) The pulled weedy things are not sending up new sprouts--maybe I'm winning that war. But I need to keep at it, and this weather is ideal for doing just that.

I did, however, get caught up on the routine financial stuff.

Stripe was the cat who let me know it was time for food. He'll mew, but wan't come anywhere near me. I don't think I saw Spot, but that doesn't mean he's not around. My girl, of course, is not the least bit shy about asking for food.

The Saints won nicely last night. I hope they can keep this up when it counts. The new backup quarterback looks promising. The first regualr season home game is September 13 at noon, and I plan on being in that number.

Is it just those of us in the Katrina area, or are newspapers all over getting noticeably smaller--both in number of pages and size of the pages?

And there used to be a weekly TV schedule in the Sunday paper. No more. And the "daily" schedules go only from 7 PM through 11 PM. Except on Sunday, when for some unknown reason it shows 6 PM till 10 PM.

I bought a TV Guide one week, but it was not worth the $4 price. There was so much advertising and "articles" it was difficult to find the daily schedules.

Yes, there is a (cable) channel that runs the schedule for the upcoming couple of hours, but that takes FOREVER to scroll. And while it is scrolling I am treated to the TV Guide "news" which has been about Michael Jackson non-stop since he died.

Oh well--I'm starting to sound like an old fuddy-duddy.

Guess I'll see what drivel is on this evening, other than the TV Guide channel endless "stories" about MJ.

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