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There will be no problems with falling asleep tonight!!

It was a glorious day--pleasant temperatures, even more pleasant humidity--and I spent most of the afternoon pulling weeds, etc.

I had five little masked ones as supervisors. Mama Goldie was also there. Naturally, I put out a bunch of dog biscuits, which kept them busy finding and eating them. I also poured some cat kibble into the ice chest (I keep the lid upright inside it) and that made them work even more.

(My washer is making a funny noise. I hope it's just the way the load is balanced.)

Yard-wise, I've reached an area where I have decisions to make. BK there were no bushes or bushy stuff at all--just short green stuff that passed as grass.

Now there is a lot of stuff, and today I took a good look at just what was there. There are several wild cherry plants that are about four feet high. I think I'll let them stay. They're pretty when they're in bloom, and also smell nice. The birds like the berries.

However, the plumy things that go dry in the winter are going. (I can't recall the name off-hand. Cypress fern?) So, I got rid of a bunch of that. I have a couple of volunteer pine treelets--they will also go.

But, I made visible progress in the "decor" department.

I want to end up with a curved path to the pool area so that it's (the pool) not readily visible from the front yard, yet accessible to tree people's vehicles. Now if only the weather would stay this way for a while. It won't--it's August and there's at least another month of warm and humid ahead.

But I'm enjoying this break while it lasts!

When feline supper time came, Spot was up on the counter meowing at me, just like he belonged. He didn't get the "other half can" till CC had graced us with her presence. By then Stripe was on the porch with his little shy "meow" going.

I wonder how much longer I'll stay awake this evening.

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