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Weather still Unbelieveable
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Translation: humidity is low, as are PM temperatures. Last night a sheet wasn't enough covering--I needed the afghan also.

Not only is the weather incredibly comfortable, but it keeps low pressure areas out--at least for the time being.

This morning I tossed last week's newpapers into the turtle pond. I saw at least two turtles--they were near the surface to get the sun, I guess.

The rest of the day was this and that.

One of the little raccoons came to the porch when I was feeding the felines. I don't see any corpses, so I guess they have some kind of agreement.

Spot is getting more and more familiar with me and the rest of the house. He definitely likes petting. Stripe still keeps his distance.

I used up the last of the dog biscuits this afternoon (raccoon food) so tomorrow I need to get more.

And tomorrow I need to get back to the yard stuff--if only to burn the current accumulations.

I'd call this an IUD, except that the weather (low humidity) is not usual for this time of year.

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