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I just finished more than an hour of weeding the driveway. I suppose I could use weed killer, but I don't like to because of all the critters--many of whom are known to chew grasses and similar stuff.

Anyway--if I used weed killer I'd still have to pull the things out, except that they'd be dead and break off, leaving a millimeter of undamaged root that would come to life and produce twice as much weed.

I was thinking about burning stuff today, but wasn't quite in the mood. And the burn pile wasn't all that big.

So far, the only "visitors" have been Spot and Stripe. Spot lets me pet him. I haven't seen the masked ones, but that doesn't mean anything. I'll toss out some dog biscuits a bit later in case they come by.

Weather is still fairly low humidity (compared to the usual) and pleasant temperatures. I think I sweated only about a pint during this afternoon's weeding venture rather than what seems like a gallon or two on days past.

The blood lady called me today to remind me that I could donate platelets again next Tuesday. Platelets can be donated once every two weeks--whole blood once every two months. A platelet donation takes roughly two hours. Whole blood is taken out, the platelets are separated out, and what's left goes back to the donor. It's all done by a machine.

Tomorrow I need to get going early. I need another spool of weed-whacking line. Then I can get back to yard work. I'm sure Home Depot will be open by 8 AM. I'll put the whacker battery on charge tonight so I can be ready to go to work as soon as I have the cord.

CC is trying to have a passion attack, and is really challenging my writing. She's between the keyboard anad the monitor, and every time she stretches a bit the keyboard comes closer to landing in my lap.

She wins this time--since I'm about done anyway.

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