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Friday Again
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And the weather continues to be not beastly hot!!

I am NOT complaining.

No yard work today--I got tired doing little junk, including heading out to WalMart/Home Depot for several things, including more cord for the trimmer.

Since I needed a couple of things at WalMart, I sort of hoped they'd have the trimmer "string," but they had it only for Weed Eater. I took the empty reel with me to be sure I got the right stuff.

Needless to say, I get some other things at WalMart, then headed to Home Depot. What luck--there was an electric cart sitting next to a handicapped parking spot. (They aren't supposed to be taken into the parking lots.) I rode back inside and made my way to the weed-whacker section where someone was happy to find me more spools of cord. (They appreciated having the empty for comparison.) And then it was back home.

With one thing and another I didn't get around to weed-whacking this afternoon, but I'll be out there tomorrow.

This evening's "project" is finishing the Gear book. I'm near the end, when the Mound Builders' society in the vicinity of Cahokia is collapsing, and it's more than a bit on the depressing side.

Very well-done writing, and "plot" development. Not for the squeamish, when it comes to battle scenarios and treatment of captives.

I'm planning on fairly early to bed tonight, and for that I must resist the urge to watch old "Star Trek" episodes on one of the indie channels. At midnight.

And if today is/was Friday, then tomorrow should be Saturday.

(Unless I get caught in a time warp.)

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