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An ordinary Sunday--didn't have any need to get up ridiculously early, so I didn't.

It's a good thing--my current raccoon "friends" decided to look for goodies about 1 AM and were making all sorts of digging and scrabbling noises. I tossed out the last of the bag of dog biscuits then cut up a couple of apples and threw them onto the lawn. That seemed to do the trick and off they went.

Based on past experience with other raccoons, it probably won't be too long before Mama chases the kids off. The kids are basically "regular" raccoon color, although I can see differences in the relative grayness/tan of the light stripes. Not enough to make it hard to hunt at night though. Mama Goldie is so light that night hunting is probably not a good idea. (Except, of course, when you can find some sucker to toss out cut up apples in the wee small hours.)

Church today was enjoyable--one of our quarter-time ministers was there. His pre-K church in New Orleans got badly flooded, as did the third UU church in the greater New Orleans area.

After the service, there is coffee and socialization--always enjoyable.

When I did get back home I read the paper, then had a short sinking spell.

I plan on going in to work tomorrow, so I can't stay up too late. I think classes may have started, so I'll need to get there at my usual early time to be assured of a parking spot in easy walking distance.

Public schools in St. Tammany have been in session about two weeks already. Xavier has started classes. Dillard doesn't start till after Labor Day. I don't know about the other colleges.

This has definitely been mostly an IUD--but a pleasant one.

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