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September Already?
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It may be not quite fall, but there's definitely less oppressive heat in the air.

Yard Kid came over and put in two and a half hours of non-stop work in the yard. He always was a good worker, and now he has the adult build. I paid him more than he asked for.

I also gave him a water thermos that has a belt clip. That was in the "goody" collection from the Blood Center, where I left a bunch of platelets this morning. And I clued him in on my cold water "secret"--I rinse out soft drink plastic bottles, then fill them halfway with water, put on the lids, and put them in the freezer (which happens to be in my garage.) When thirsty, you take out bottle half full of ice, add tap water, and you have some really nice refreshing cool water to help survive the sun and heat.

While having my blood processed for the platelet donation I read--of course. It took 128 pages for the whole thing to be complete. The phlebotomist's brother was donating in the chair next to me, and also reading.

There was a two point difference in the hemaocrit reading between my left middle finger and my right middle finger. Needless to say, they go with the higher one.

I plan to go in to work tomorrow and my goal is to get everything in the current collection rough-drafted so I can type it all up at home. (Aren't computers and e-mail great!!)

My mind is still boggled at the amount Adam got done this afternoon. I guess it's youth.

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