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Yes, today I finally made it in to work. And put in about nine hours.

I brought the rough-draft inventories home and tomorrow I'll type them up and e-mail them to the archivist.

The drive in was quite ordinary--my timing seems to avoid the heavy traffic times. There was a minor slowdown on the high rise due to a breakdown going the other way, but most of the trip was at the usual speed--slightly above the posted speed limit. I think it's worth leaving a bit early to beat the rush. Since I've got a key to the building there's no problem with getting there early.

I left later in the afternoon than I wanted to and so I did catch some traffic on the homeward drive.

My plans for tomorrow include hoping that Adam comes by or contacts me. The rental house also needs yard work to get it into saleable shape.

Mama Goldie had only four kids with her this evening. I hope nothing happened to #5. We've got a routine now--I toss four or five handfuls of dog biscuits onto the side yard lawn. They seem content with that. I also close the various entries from the front porch so they don't come into the house. Spot and Stripe can't come in either, but that doesn't seem to bother them as long as they get some food. CC doesn't seem to mind staying in at night.

I haven't gotten around to turning on the TV since I got home. I guess the world hasn't ended--surely someone would have phoned me or e-mailed me if it had.

On the other hand--since my phone battery went down to zero, if they had called I wouldn't have known unless they left a message.

My next door neighbor called me a bit earlier and we had a nice long chat. I have really lucked out on neighbors.

Tomorrow will be an at-home day, but definitely NOT an "open" day.

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