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Is That MY Yard?
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Yard Kid brought a lawnmower today. We talked about what could stay and what needed cutting back or removing.

A large part of the back yard is now unbelieveable. There are enough bushes and treelets left to break up the open areas, but there is also a way to get large vehicles (like tree trucks) back there still.

There is probably about a week of work left to get rid of most of the post-Katrina growth.

My next door neighbors are on vacation--they will be stunned when they get back.

I was just talking to my pet sitter, and she wants YK's number. She's got a huge property near Lacombe that still has plenty of work left to be done.

Tomorrow I'll be burning the trash piles. I have to--to make room for more.

(And I'll be typing up inventories for work.)

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