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IUD, that is.

I spent most of the day doing Stuff.

And I also worked on typing up the inventories for what I've been doing at work. It's much easier to do that at home where the computer is mine all mine.

This was not a Yard Kid day and I should have gotten at the burn piles. But--with one thing and another, I didn't quite get around to it.

There's always tomorrow.

Last night all five of the babies came for supper, along with Mama Goldie. I had been a bit concerned because I hadn't seen all five the previous day. The yard has several handfuls of dog biscuits scattered there, along with some apple pieces they didn't eat last night.

Stripe came for dinner, but I haven't (yet) seen Spot. Spot may very well have a home--he's not at all bashful about getting petting.

I stayed up late watching the game. The Saints didn't win, but then the first team played only a bit. Mostly it was seeing which players would make the final cut.

The first home game of the regular season is a week from Sunday, against the Lions.

Not much of interest on TV this evening, so I'll keep at the inventory stuff.

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