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Cat is on my List!!

I need to rig a cover for the escape key. I was about to upload today's entry when the tail hit the ESC button. I think I'll try to rig a protective cover for that part of the keyboard.

Well, try again.

The burn pile stilll had a wisp of smoke coming from it this morning, but I think it's burned down now. Tomorrow I'll rake out the remains, then start another burn pile on top of that. It rained for a while today, so I'm pretty sure there's no fire left.

The hand is doing better. It still feels a bit "tight" (swollen) but that's going away. I keep knocking back the anti-histamines. Still a bit more swelling needs to disappear.

I got the inventory of another carton all typed up and sent to the archivist. I've got two more cartons and one box to go. And I have the pencil copies at home for one of the cartons and the box. I'll be working on those tomorrow. (Maybe even this evening.)

My computer screen has been doing somersaults. First, the strip along the bottom of the screen that has things like time, etc. changed itself to a vertical strip on the left. Not bad--my monitor is wide, and scrunched up that half inch loses me nothing.

But now I see that none of that is visible. It will be interesting when I log off if the "buttons" are still on there somewhere.

I have no idea what is going on. I may have to call the Computer People to get junk off and other stuff untangled. I haven't notice any lessening of speed.

(But I wonder what time it is. Must either turn around or check my phone.)

That's it for today--we'll see what tomorrow brings with the computer.

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