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Not a Good Day
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I could have done without today.

On the way to a chiropractor appointment I got a flat tire. I was on the interstate, and it was raining a bit. I pulled off the road and started getting stuff off the lid to the spare tire compartment. (I have a compact sport ute.) And then I dug out the tire--crossing fingers that it had air in it--and the jack.

And then began mentally kicking myself for not having checked out the jack when I bought the car, and practised getting it together.

I reported my problem to the parish cops and the state police. I called AAA, even though I am not a member. They said somebody would be there in about an hour and a half.

A state trooper arrived after about 15 minutes--not bad considering there are only two on duty in the area at that time of day.

He was very nice, changed the tire, and went through the jack thing slowly. (This weekend I shall practise that. If I know how to use it, I shall probably never need to use it.)

I turned around at the next exit and headed back home. (I'd already called the doctor.) I was trying to remember where I had last bought tires. It finally came to me--after Katrina, at Sears. Sears is SO slow, and I didn't feel like hanging around there forever. Then the word WalMart came to mind.

Okay--it is even on the convenient side of the road. I pulled in there, explained my problem, and about 30 minutes later was heading back home. They even had coffee in the automotive waiting room.

Tomorrow I need to reload the spare tire compartment with the little miscellany that I had in there. And tomorrow--providing it's not raining--I need to study and practice with the jack.

I hope I don't have another day like this for a long time.

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