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Rainy Morning
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It was raining for a while this morning, so I tended to get more "stuff" done around the house than I usually do.

Spot came all the way into the house and informed me that he (and Stripe) were hungry. So I put dry food out on the porch. (No, I don't spoil the visiting cats--or the raccoons. And I already put today's dog biscuit ration in the cooler on the patio, leaving the cover inside the cooler.)

CC is in her usual spot right next to me. At the moment the keyboard is out of reach of her tail--I hope. I need to put the new flea collar on her this evening. I got her one of the purple ones, just for variety. Her previous collar had a reflective strip for night time, but I didn't see any of those.

Tomorrow I SHALL be going in to work. I need to finish the rough draft of the last carton's inventory, and then check out a couple of things. That is, unless it is raining in the morning, but I don't think that's in the forecast.

(It is very hard being a goddess to a cat. She wants to show adoration so much of the time, and--it seems--especially when I am at the computer. Have you ever known a cat who had a limit to the petting she wanted?)

Sunday is the Saints opening home game for the ragular season. Finally!

I think I'll quit while I am ahead--with regard to the owner of the thrashing tail. She's looking a bit restless.

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