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Rainy, but I went to Work anyway.
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It was just drizzling a bit when I left, and pretty much eased up as I drove into N.O. To be on the safe side, I took an umbrella inside with me. (Yes, I have another one in my shoulder tote, but it folds up to incredibly small but is a bit skimpy when opened out.) A few minutes later I went back to the car to get the cup of coffee I'd forgotten.

I got a fair amount of work done today and I think (fingers crossed) that I have completed the processing and inventory work on the entire collection.

The last bits were a bit rushed--it had begun to rain some.

About the time I needed to get to my car, the rain increased. I put my cell phone it the newspaper bag (and then in my pocket), slung the tote properly across my body, fastened my car keys to the umbrella carry handle so I could zap open my car door, and prepared to have soaked socks and a lot of me wet.

I must have done something right--I did not have to wade through six inch deep puddles (a frequent occurrence on the Tulane campus) on my way to the other side of the road where I'd parked, and I got into the car essentially dry!!

It rained heavily most of the way home. Traffic moved about 20 mph slower than normal (which put it about very close to the speed limit) but there were no problems eastbound. Westboud I saw two cars (about three miles from each other) headed in the wrong direction. (They were on the side of the road, with flashing blue lights by them.) The second one I saw had generated about a quarter mile backup. There were no signs or sounds of ambulances, so I guess the drivers were okay.

It was still raining some when I got home, so I parked as close to the patio cover as I could. Even with the burn piles in the middle of the driveway there was plenty of room.

Stripe was very politely waiting for supper, and didn't roll his lip back at me today. I wonder if that's progress? Spot also appeared.

I've put out the dog biscuits for the raccoons, and I filled the big dish on the porch with dry cat food.

It will probably rain off and on for the evening and possibly into tomorrow.

I'm sure I have just as much indoor work to be done as outdoor.

I just hope it isn't raining Sunday. Yes, the game is indoors, but our parking spot is on the roof of the parking garage, in one of the "outer" areas.

If it's clear tomorrow I should be able to get more weeding done.

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