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is almost gone. The sky is rapidly darkening even though it's just a bit after 6 PM. However, there are a lot of dark clouds, and we will probably have several more showers between now tomorrow morning.

I wouldn't count it as a particularly productive day--when it's raining (or threatening to) outside, the cat wants extra attention inside. About all I managed to get done household-wise was to top off the trash can and tie up its bag. It will get picked up Tuesday, but I'll put it up front tomorrow so I don't forget.

And so that I have the other trash can back by the house and ready for filling.

Stripe was asleep on a porch chair again today. He still curls back his upper lip and hisses at me, even when I'm putting down food for him. It will be a long time until I can pet him, if ever. So far, I haven't seen Spot today, but he most likely has a regular home that he stays in when it's raining.

I've "loaded" the ice chest with the raccoon food. They may have already visited--with Mama being light brown, darkness is not an advantage. On the other hand, they need to get in the habit of hunting at night for when they are on their own.

Tomorrow is the home opener for the Saints. YD and I will be in that number, of course. They play Detroit, who did really lousy last year. But this is a new year and Detroit will no doubt be working extra hard to get rid of last year's memories. As far as I'm concerned, they can wait till next week for that.

The keyboard is 1/3 off the cardtable at the moment--the cat is using it for a backrest. At least the tail isn't thrashing.

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