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A Good Start
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No--a GREAT start to the season for the Saints. First game of the regular schedule and they clobbered the Detroit Lions.

Actually, they were the seventeenth consecutive team to beat the Lions. Detroit is not exactly a powerhouse team.

Having been faithful fans of the Saints in their bad years, I can empathize with the folks from Detroit.

But it makes a nice start for the Saints' season.

A good part of the game pleasure is in seeing the same people as previous years and catching up on what is new. We've had these particular seats for at least ten years.

It was raining a bit, so when we got there YD drove me as close to the entrance as she could, then went back and parked in our regular spot. When she got over to the stadium we headed in together--with me walking VERY carefully so that I didn't slip on a wet spot. (Yesterday my cane slipped on a wet spot and I went down. Fortunately, I was okay.)

When it became clear that not only were the Saints going to win, but they would probably shut out the Lions, we headed out to try to beat some of the going home traffic jams. I waited at the base of steps, and eventually got picked up.

Tomorrow will definitely be an at-home day, as I try to get the last of the inventories typed up.

There is nothing like a rainy day to make a cat cuddly. CC knows it's nice and dry inside, and there's always some food available. And she gets regular petting by stretching out between the keyboard and the monitor. At the moment she's sufficiently relaxed that her tail is not trying to erase what I've written. She's watching the screen fairly intently--I wonder if the words are catching her attention. Unfortunately, I can't type, watch the monitor, and watch her all at the same time. I think I'd need another eye, preferably on a stalk, to see well enough to do that.

Time now to pet the cat, then log off the computer.

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