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Some tidying, some household stuff, and a visit to WalMart to replenish the critter cupboards. And a stop at Burger King for a quickie supper.

Shortly after I got home YK arrived. He got the junk from in front of the rental house into trash sacks and then into a trash container. And then he went to look for the pool storage shed.

It was definitely not visible before he started hunting, but then he cleared stuff and found it. He also said something about returning a large turtle to the pool turtle pond.

We talk about my yard goals, and he seems to understand what I want and what I don't want. I want to feel a part of the environment, rather than the conqueror and molder of it. He agrees completely.

I had the usual feline "guests" for dinner and I have put out the raccoon biscuits. Since I doubt they can read, they won't know that they are really meant for dogs.

Tomorrow will be a sort of at-home day. Sort-of because I'm scheduled for platelet donation tomorrow. The reminder call came when YK was here. I think he just may get around to donating at some time. When I'm there tomorrow I'll tell them about him.

Wednesday I'll try again to get to the chiropractor. And that means I should get in to work on Thursday. However, I have a LOT of typing to do of the inventories of the cartons. But I should have it done by then.

Another IUD.

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