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Party Time
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It appears to have been party time for the woodland critters this evening. Not only were Mama Goldie and her five kids present, but they were joined by several other raccoons--no doubt last year's youngsters and their new spouses. They were all quite polite and there was no squabbling. They really gobbled down the dog biscuits, but left the apple chunks for dessert.

And I spotted a possum on the porch--Pogo maybe?

Both Spot and Stripe had "dined" earlier and had left the area clear for the woods denizens.

CC stays inside quite happily in the evening. She has to be at my left hand to supervise computer stuff and hit the ESC (with her tail) when she doesn't like what I've written.

Not one but TWO new books arrived today--Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran and Spiral Hunt by Margaret Ronald. I've read a couple of Moran's earlier books and found them quite enjoyable, with well-researched settings. I've been reading Magic District entries, and that's where I ran across Ronald.

I had a short note from the archivist, in response to one from me with my tales of endless names in the inventory lists. Needless to say, she is highly approving of the details in my inventories.

Tomorrow I REALLY need to burn stuff--we've had showers fairly frequently this past week--and continue with the yard tidying. YK hasn't been around, but it's been afternoon-showery, and he has a "regular" job.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to some kind of a church dinner thingy at the other end of the parish. I can't remember when the person who's driving said she's picking me up. And I have not yet figured out What to Wear. It's at someone's house.

I'll figure that stuff out tomorrow.

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