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Late Late Late
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If I don't get this written quickly it will be tomorrow.

The dinner was delightful, the conversation lively, and the people friendly (of course.)

Best of all--no money pitch.

I got better acquainted with the woman who drove me--and lives roughly two miles away.

It's a good thing she had a GPS because the house was way within one of those subdivisions with meandering streets. There were constant voice prompts, so we managed to get out without getting lost.

I'm assuming the masked contingent took care of the dog biscuits I'd put out. Not even a crumb left.

In the afternoon I got some burning done. Unfortunately, I ran out of accelerant so not as much burned as I had hoped. Tomorrow's to-do: get more charcoal lighter so I can finish the burning, thus making room for more yard trash and trimmings.

CC is busy informing me that she is feeling "needy"--I wasn't available for pets when she wanted them. The tail is thrashing--I'd better post before she deletes it.

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