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Icky Day
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It kept threatening, then sprinkling, for most of today. This evening it has progressed (regressed?) to thundering also.

This means I have a very cuddly cat.

We are coming to an agreement on just how much of my computer table she can occupy when I have it on. She gets the part to my left, where she can stretch out her front legs and hook her claws around the metal rack/thingy next to the table and get a REALLY good stretch. And then hook one paw around the the metal and use the "arm" for a pillow.

This afternoon I was reading the paper outside and Spot decided to be friendly. He rubbed and rubbed against my shins, and kept putting his head up for scritching. Spot is getting to be a big boy, in more ways than one. The trick will be getting him into a pet crate. If I borrow a humane trap I am probably more likely to get a raccoon or possum.

One of these days.

I spent a large part of the morning working on the inventory lists and am about done. However, the weather forecast for tomorrow does not look good, so I probably will not go in. After having an almost-slip on wet pavement this past week, I am being extremely cautious. And the forecast is, as I said, yuck.

One of my step-grands is getting married soon. Another got married just before he was sent to Iraq, and their two-year-old was part of the ceremony. I have an afghan about 2/3 made for them, except that my hands started cramping up. I think (hope) they're better, because I'd really like to get it done. And then think about one for the latest wedding.

Thanks to YD's marriage, I have five step-grands, and five step-great-grands. (I also have three "regular" grands.)

It sounds almost like the latest rainy bit has about passed over. It may raise the humidity, but it also lowers the temperature.

And it's time I put out the raccoon food.

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