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Yes, another yucky day, except I don't think it rained today.

I finished the last of the inventories and e-mailed it to the archivist. I also told her I wouldn't be in till next week. The spill I had a couple of days ago (when the cane hit a wet patch) has left me with a semi-pulled muscle in my one-time "good" leg. I navigate fine, but use two canes. If I have only one handy, I use it to help with the pulled muscle leg.

Bottom line: I have no desire to attempt to navigate the possibly wet and definitely potholed pavement that Tulane laughingly calls "street" when I have an option available.

Supper time at Chez Rowland was interesting this evening. Spot AND Stripe were on the porch begging for food. Eventually I got two dishes out there. And then Mama Goldie and two of her kids appeared at the side door, so I pitched out raccoon biscuits for them, as well as for the other kids when they arrive. Mama Goldie gives me grateful looks. The kids just grab and eat. And look absolutely adorable.

(I'm sure I'll need to put out more later.)

Still reading Spiral Hunt, and will continue it this evening.

Weather today has not been rainy (yet) but it hasn't been sunny either. Fall IS on the way--not quite as warm as a couple of weeks ago.

Yep--another IUD.

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