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Her Fuzzy Majesty
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has just kerplunked herself in a position from which she can erase everything with a whap of her tail.

When I am just cruising around, I can keep one hand positioned so that the tail doesn't invade my space, but since I am a (more or less) touch typist, that doesn't work when I am attempting to be verbally creative.

A totally boring day. I slept poorly last night, and ended up drifting into an AM nap. That really messed everything up.

After lunch I went on a quick jaunt to WalMart for more critter food, as well as stuff for me.

I had a tentative appointment for about 5 PM, but that got called off.

I got back from the store to find two cats waiting outside for some food. Stripe and Spot. Spot snuck inside when I was unlocking the door and got quite insistent about food. I ended up feeding CC in the bathroom so I could close the door and keep Spot out.

He forgave me of course--after all I am the Source of Good Food.

So another week has drifted by. But I've gotten all the inventory typing done, and that's a biggie. I shall probably go in on Monday and see what new collection is waiting for me.

This evening I shall return to Spiral Hunt. (Unless I fall asleep watching TV while I am reading.)

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