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Today I gathered together the necessary energy, seasoned it with a small (very) bit of guilt, then A. Cleaned the living room ceiling fan and B. Vacuumed the front end of the house. (Most of it anyway.)

(Project A. had left tons of dust goop on the floor, necessitating Project B.)

And then I fed the feline menagerie before I took myself off to Arby's, where I got a couple more chapters read in the latest book--Margaret Ronald's Spiral Hunt.

I stopped at Walgreen's for some more Icy Hot for that muscle pull then headed back home. I was greeted by Spot, for whom I had put down some wet food earlier, but was still complaining about his borderline starvation. Luckily, I had grabbed a bag of dry cat food that had not yet made it from the car to the house. I opened it up and poured a bunch out onto the sidewalk. When he saw that was all that he was getting he settled down to eat it.

I'm not sure if he got to finish it before the masked ones arrived. As soon as I saw them gathering I tossed out their dog raccoon biscuits.

And so now the day is going back into the IUD category. Whether I make it to church tomorrow depends on how that pulled muscle feels.

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