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What else? A Saints victory.

They really trompled Buffalo this afternoon. The next game is this coming Sunday, against the Jets--at home. There will be plenty of crowd noise, I'll bet. (It's the late game.)

Other than that, it was an IUD.

My so-called "good" leg was bothering me, so I gave it plenty of rest. And regular liniment applications. (I may use the heating pad this evening, since it is cooling down somewhat.)

When it was feeding time for the felines, Stripe and Spot were BOTH begging for food--from the safety of the porch. (I keep them out of the house itself, which is CC's domain. Plus, since they are nasty oversexed boys, if they decide to mark territory I'd rather it be outside than in.) Spot is quite aggressive about the food, so I push his dish to him first--giving Stripe a chance to eat without a battle. I've put out the raccoon biscuits, but I'll probably toss out a few more when they actually come by later. Mama Goldie thinks I'm pretty nice. They may even get some chopped up apples, if I'm in a generous mood.

A woman from church stopped by on her way home (it's budget/pledge time of the year) and we had a very nice visit. By mutual agreement it didn't last excessively long--because of the upcoming game.

Yard Kid is evidently quite busy at his new full-time job. Haven't seen him for a while. I'm sure he's aware that there is always work to be done--and that I pay generously.

The weather, however, IS getting cooler and somewhat less humid, making outdoor work almost pleasant. Needless to say, I've got that on my (ought)to-do list for the coming week.

My OTD list never gets completed.

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