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I just had a call from the Vampire Lady, reminding me that tomorrow is platelets day. Seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I last donated. (Platelet donations can be as frequent as two weeks apart.) I wasn't planning on going in to work tomorrow anyway, since that pulled muscle has not yet gotten back to essentially painless-while-walking. And since this area is known for fairly frequent showers, I don't want to take a chance on the cane skidding again. I've been in e-mail contact with the archivist, and she's cool with everything.

CC is sharing the card table (as usual) with the computer. We've got an arrangement where I type in a minimally awkward position. In return she doesn't try to delete what I write.

No rain today, although for a while there I thought there might be some showers.

Did I mention the serendipitous meeting the other evening? I'd gone out just after dusk to either retrieve the paper or put mail in the mailbox, and two cyclists came up the road and stopped. They turned out to be the wife and teen-aged son of the guy who keeps my car in excellent working order. They live relatively nearby.

At any rate, kid is looking for pick-up work--and I had mentioned the word Yard one time last time he had the car. So if YK is too busy with his new full time job, I will have a replacement!!

I didn't have anything to write a phone number on, but the mother said they could be contacted through the shop. (And she pointed out that they had my number.) As I recall, she's down there fairly frequently.

(Side note: it is very hard to proofread one's typing when a cat is taking a bath in front of the monitor. How's that for an excuse!)

So, I shall continue to baby my thigh (the DMSO last night seems to have helped a bunch--or it might be healing time anyhow) and take care of endless household stuff. And read. And pet the cat. And feed the raccoons at night.

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