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Another Month
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Another month, so it's time for a new color scheme. This tends to fit the onset of leaves and other growing stuff turning brown--if you're in that sort of climate.

To a certain degree, I am. Fortunately, the majority of the trees around me more or less keep some of their colors. The pine trees still have green stuff on them--last year's needles have been dropped and cover the ground.

Early this afternoon I heard a knock on the door and a hello. It was my next door neighbors asking if they could put a couple of turtles from their yard into my turtle pond (formerly swimming pool.) Their two turtles seemed to take to the new habitat quickly.

And then, of course, we chatted.

The day started off, however, with a routine visit to the dentist. My teeth continue to stay nice and healthy (knock wood) and my gums and mouth also. The hygienist cleaned the teeth and caught me up on everything her family has been doing. And then I chatted a bit with the receptionist/bookkeeper--aka Mrs. dentist. I've been going there for more than 30 years.

I wasn't quite in the mood to go home after that--besides which I'd just about skipped breakfast (8 AM appt.) and wanted something to eat.

I headed for McDonald's and had a chicken biscuiit and coffee. And sat there and read for a while.

I'm still thinking about going in to work tomorrow, except that the weather forecast has probable rain in it. I prefer not to be walking around in rain if I can help it. That thigh muscle is taking its sweet time to heal up, although remembering to slather it with DMSO seems to help.

I really need to get the burn stuff burnt--but first I have to break up some of the branches and combine the current two piles. So, I have an alternative for tomorrow--and that's the one I should probably go for.

Last night was another catblanket night--weather is getting cooler. And she is between the keyboard and the monitor as I type this.

Sometimes she watches the mouse move around, or just stands in front of the monitor blocking most of my view. But she's sweet and loving. And nice and warm on cold nights.

Time to settle in for the evening TV drivel.

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