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Because last night I watched an old Star Trek from midnight to 1 am I slept in a bit this morning.

I got some household-type stuff done and then tackled one of the to-be-burned piles. Yard kid's one flaw is that he doesn't build burn piles for maximum efficiency, so I had a bunch of rearranging to do.

Finally it was ready for its lighter fluid shower, and then I set it to burn.

I sat relatively close by, with the garden hose "at the ready." This afternoon Spot decided he wanted to be friendly, so he settled down on my lap. He wasn't ready to go to sleep--he wanted petting and ear-scritching--LOTS of it. The pile finally burned itself down to the point where I felt comfortable going inside. The hose is still very handy, just in case.

I saw Stripe earlier today, but not at dinner hour. He's not a sociable cat, like Spot.

Tomorrow, unless it's raining (a possibility, according to the weather-guessers) I'll get the other burn pile better "organized" for burning. Then I'll have my entire driveway back and available for parking.

There's a home game (Saints) tomorrow, but I'm passing the tickets to YD and her hubby. I'll watch on TV, with my shoes off.

There's something of a rain forecast, and if it's raining I'll pass on church. After two slips/spills on wet sidewalks I'm avoiding walking in the rain unless it's absolutely necessary.

I had a very nice phone call from the church member who had drawn my name for the every member canvass thing. She lives less than two miles from here, and when she was here for the money thing I gave her a copy of Mark of the Demon. Her call was to thank me for it, tell me how much she enjoyed it, and that she had passed it on to her son. She also asked when the next one would be out. Naturally, I told her that Amazon et al. were taking preorders.

And this evening I hope to finish Spiral Hunt.

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