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Yes!! The Saints beat the Jets quite convincingly. I watched most of the game from the comfort of my couch. YD and her hubby were "in that number."

It was a relatively icky day, with on and off rain. No yard work--and the only place I went was WalMart in the late afternoon in a pause between the showers. When I left it had just begun to drizzle slightly. As I was driving home I had the sudden realization that my wet weather walking woes (How's that for alliteration?)could be alleviated somewhat with a quad cane. So that's on tomorrow's "list." I'm also going to check the online cane place that has a zillion different styles and colors etc.

As I left WalMart the person at the door (who not only says "welcome to WalMart" but also checks to see that loose items in the cart (like raccoon biscuits) have been paid for) barely glanced at me. His attention was directed at the TV in the Subway shop at the front entrance--which had the Saints game on it.

I do hope the weather improves soon.

A satisfying amount of the burn pile got carbonized during the night. I think I can get the remains broken up a bit more, and then I'll stack more stuff on it, squirt it with accelerant, then let it reduce itself to ashes.

A few minutes ago when I went to put out raccoon biscuits I found a couple of the youngsters waiting patiently on the top step. They know the food appears magically about sunset. One of them was "dunking" his biscuit in a puddle before nibbling on it. I imagine they are rather dry eating.

So the day has been good--the Saints won.

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